On January 1st, 2018, I will start the Four Season project. During the year the focus will be on the four seasons and one of the goals is to create a film where nature is in focus. A challenge that in many ways is significantly more difficult than taking pictures only. More planning, patience and more importantly more time is required. At the same time, I will take still pictures and also document what is happening behind the camera. By the end of December 2018, the project will end if everything goes as it should. For its part, the project is about changing lifestyle, seeking change, living healthier, moving, thinking more clearly, and communicating the beautiful, calm, loving in more ways than still images. Unlike previous years, neither is the goal to catch a moment every day, but instead focus more on quality and what’s going on around. Thus, there will be more thoughts, thoughts, and insight into what happens before the shutter opens and closes. Communication will also be in English because I hope to get better in that language. At the moment, I’m extremely bad because I did not use that language since I graduated from high school.There are, of course, many questions at the moment, but hopefully it will solve it later. It may even be that there will be no movie which does not matter because every moment in nature is so much more valuable than the movies, the pictures I produce. The journey is always significantly more important than the target.

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